Corporate Activities

Most companies now realise that spells outside of the office are good for business! Our corporate activity days give your hard-working teams a much-needed change of pace. They’re excellent for motivating, rewarding and building staff morale. Just as importantly, they can also break down barriers between co-workers, encouraging a more positive working atmosphere.

With over twenty years of experience in providing corporate activities, we’re experts at encouraging and engaging people, and we work hard to ensure your staff get the most out of their day.

Our clients

We are experienced providers of events for SME and large enterprises, with clients including:

  • IBM
  • Skanksa
  • Specsavers UK
  • Intel
  • The Standard Club (Marine Insurance & Shipping)
  • Dennis & Turnbull Accountants
  • Charles Taylor Insurance Services

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and can accommodate parties from 10 to 1000 delegates.

Team Building Events

Most top companies now use team-building activities to encourage a positive working culture. Team-building activities can break down barriers between co-workers, give new ways to communicate, and encourage a more collegiate atmosphere.

“A fantastic fun day, with something for every member of the team. Excellent as a team building day, but also for achieving individual goals and building confidence.”

A. McBride, Specsavers

Fun & Away Days

Our Fun and Away Days allow hard-working teams to relax and recharge their batteries. After a heavy conference, business session or season, a change in pace will do wonders to boost staff morale and prevent burn-out. Fun and Away Days also reward your workers for their efforts, sending a clear signal that their work really is valued and appreciated.

“The day was excellent! A good balance of activities and we would love to come back again in the future!”

L. Newcomb, Doctors of Mid Wales

Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days turn a good way of rewarding your staff into a great one. Inviting your staff’s families to join in the fun makes their reward something special, and gives your team wider opportunities to bond. Our trained and experienced instructors will entertain the children, whilst the adults relax with a drink!

“We want to say thank you so much for your hard work in ensuring our Family Day was a success. The H5 instructors did an incredible job and their passion for their work really shone through, ensuring the day was special and memorable for all the families who attended.”

Lizzie Thompson, The Brain Tumor Charity & The Lewis Moody Foundation

Our Activities

We can tailor our activities to the needs, number and personalities of your team. Sample activities include:

  • Canoeing – teams can gently pootle around or set new records on our beautiful two-acre lake
  • Bridge-building – groups use creativity and cooperation to get the whole team across our stream.
  • Raft-building – problem-solving and collaboration are essential to keep the team out of the water!
  • Land-based problem-solving – a series of dry-land activities for water-allergic groups.
  • Archery – a pleasantly absorbing challenge on our competitive shooting range.
  • Bushcraft – build a proper fire and cook anything from popcorn to fish (or even rabbits!)
  • Carp fishing – inspire a hundred office stories about ‘the one that got away.’
  • Sheep shepherding – learn a new skill that’s harder than it looks.
  • Crystal Dome – yes, gold and silver tickets whizzing around a dome…

We can provide a variety of catering options, including picnics on hay bales, barbecues, ice cream vans and hog roasts.

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